Fun and Effective Exercises for Your Abs

These exercises for your abs incorporate dynamic moves that involve multiple muscles and help work the abs in a more functional way.

By involving more muscles, you'll burn more calories during your workout, which is a plus if you're trying to reduce body fat and trim your middle. The following exercises offer a variety of moves, from beginning to advanced, using a variety of tools to build core strength.

How To
Warm up with a few minutes

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Get a Stronger Core with These Standing Ab Exercises

Figure 8s with a Medicine Ball
Figure 8 Lunges are a total body exercise emphasizing core strength and stability along with lower body endurance and overall balance and coordination.

The key to making this move effective is to start by performing each move separately: Step forward into a lunge with the right leg and hold that position, getting your balance. Then, take the ball to the opposite hip, rotating through the torso, and sweep the ball down

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How to Do the Calf Raise on a Machine

The calf raise can be performed on a calf raise machine, which many gyms have available, or a similar exercise can be performed with either your body weight, or with dumbbells or a barbell.

Raising onto the toes under resistance makes the calf muscles, including the soleus and gastrocnemius, contract.

This description uses the calf raise machine to perform this exercise. The seated exercise works the soleus—the lower calf muscle—and the standing calf raise also involves the

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How to Get Great Calf Muscles

The calves (calf single) are the muscles of the back of the lower leg. The two main muscles here are the soleus and the gastrocnemius. Together, they are called the Triceps surae, which is not to be confused with the Triceps brachii of the back of the upper arms. The gastrocnemius has two parts called the lateral (outside) and medial (inside) heads, and attaches to the foot by the Achilles tendon.

The soleus attaches to the

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Lower Body Strength, Stability and Flexibility Workout

Being strong, stable and flexibility is important at any age, but older adults often struggle with daily movements because they're not quite as flexible or as strong as they want to be. This workout, which is focused primarily on the lower body (although there are some upper body exercises included), is specifically designed to work on strength, stability and flexibility to help you move better with a specific focus on getting you strong enough to

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